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Brandon Marshall's TD Celebration Luckily Thwarted

by Robbie Gillies

I don't think anyone would call Brandon Marshall the smartest football player, but the man is extremely talented, and he proved both last night.

The Broncos trailed 23-13 heading into the 4th quarter and were down 30-27 with under five minutes remaining. Marshall capped off a 13-play, 80 yard drive with an 11-yard touchdown with just over one minute left to give the Broncos a 34-30 lead. It was Marshall's sixth catch and first touchdown of the game, and he was ready to celebrate.

Marshall went to take something out of his pants when Brandon Stokley rushed over to stop his celebration. Stokley realized Marshall was about to hurt the Broncos' chance of winning the game and he put a stop to it. Marshall would have been flagged for the celebration and the Browns would have gotten significantly better field position on their final possession in an attempt to win the game. Marshall told the NFL Network that he had a black and white glove, inspired by Barack Obama's victory. It was an homage to those athletes from the 1968 Olympics that displayed a black glove in a black power salute upon the podium.

Here's his full explanation:

Everyone likes a good celebration, but how about you secure the win first. In a game that was so tight and high scoring that 15-yard penalty could have easily cost the Broncos the game and all the blame would have been put on Marshall's shoulder. But instead, Stokley saved his teammate some embarrassment and might have saved his team from their fourth straight loss.

VIDEO COURTESY: LarryBrownSports