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Channing Frye's Finding Ways To Contribute

by Robbie Gillies

Channing Frye's scoring average has decreased in each of his first three full seasons and that trend is continuing this year. With LaMarcus Aldrige in the lineup and now Greg Oden healthy, there aren't many minutes available for Frye. Frye might not be contributing much on the court (though last night he had a season-high 12 points) but he is entertaining off the court. His blog is usually decent, but his most recent feature is very entertaining and really makes you think. It's entitled "Would You Rather? Wednesday". Frye poses the question:

Would you rather eat bologna with every meal for the rest of your life, or just eat a live eel once a year for the rest of your life?

You have to go with the eel right? But look at that picture of the eel!

I'm sticking with the eel because then you will appreciate every meal for the rest of the year that much more. If less playing time means more of these types of questions than I hope LaMarcus Aldridge becomes an All-Star and Frye rides the pine the rest of the year.