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Chris Bosh vs. Baron Davis: Funniest Skit Challenge

by Jeff Briggs

As was mentioned months ago, Chris Bosh and Baron Davis, two of the bigger personalities in the NBA, and certainly in the NBA blogosphere, agreed to have a competition to see who could make the funniest skit.

Bosh is best known for his all-star campaign videos and his Blaine Harrington spots (number 2).

Baron Davis has roller skated in short shorts, sang karaoke, and palled around with Steve Nash.

For the competition, at ibeatyou.com, they have two new videos. Make sure to click on the link and vote.

Bosh's video is a spoof on old kung-fu movies, entitled "Iron Claw," in which he is a master of "Raptor Style."

Davis's video, called "The Courtship," features him in a restaurant sweet talking someone (or something) on the other side of the table.