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Big Papi Has A Big Mouth

by Ryan Hudson

It's unclear how David Ortiz's wrist is healing during this off season, but one thing that certainly needs no rehab is his mouth. Yesterday, he appeared on WEEI's "Dennis & Callahan Show," and gave his MVP choice (Dustin Pedroia; what a homer), his suggestions on what the Red Sox should do this off season ("I'll tell you one thing, if you get the opportunity to get a guy that can hit 30 homers and get 100 RBI, I bet you will find a position for him, guarantee..." Did someone say Mark Teixeira?), and, lastly, his thoughts on Manny Ramirez's final days in Boston.

"The Manny situation was a tough situation for the team, for us the teammates, for him as a player," Ortiz said. "He was trying to get to be out, everybody knows, it's not news, for the past few years and it was something that it was getting worse and worse and worse every year ... I myself, pretty much every year, have to kind of deal with that because me and Manny, we're pretty close, and it got to the point where I had to come down and talk to him because we were going through a good situation and you don't want to put the situation in a [bad] spot, everything just goes down.

"Everything started one day that I told Manny, 'Hey look, look at the numbers that you have put up your whole career, and you have never been able to win an MVP, there's a reason why'. And the media is our family. The media, sometimes you gonna find one or two guys that they're gonna screw things up, try to get people's attention writing bad things, but not everybody's the same way. You gotta understand that and you can blame everybody for somebody that just makes a mistake. It doesn't work like that . . . pull yourself together and start getting connected with the media because that's how you express your feelings and people get to know more and Manny's good things, that people don't know about Manny. And he agreed with me."

What about Manny quitting on his teammates? Did Ortiz feel that way?
"Well, to tell you the truth, it was something going down between the Red Sox and Manny Ramirez that I can never really break that down for you because there's some personal reasons that he has with our owners and I never got to the bottom of it, and [he's] got his feelings, you know, Manny was, he got to the point that he really wanted to get to play for someone else."

Finally: would the Sox have won the 2008 World Series if they had kept Manny?
"Probably," replied Ortiz. "I'm not going to lie to you, probably."