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ESPN Bidding For BCS Bowls

by Robbie Gillies

The Sports Business Daily is reporting that the BCS is considering a move to ESPN:
The BCS is considering a proposal from ESPN that would see all BCS bowl games, including the championship game, wind up on ESPN, sources familiar with the negotiations are saying. If the BCS ultimately accepts the bid, it would mark the first time all games in a major championship were not available on an over-the-air broadcast network.
But before the 20% of Americans that don't subscribe to cable get upset, keep in mind that with ESPN comes ABC and all five BCS Bowl games could wind up on the broadcast network. Also, this could just be a ploy by the BCS to milk more money out of Fox. They are currently in negotiations to extend their contract and the BCS is looking for about a 50% increase over the current deal.

The move to ESPN would make a lot of sense. ESPN carries a ton of college football games and has it dialed in whereas Fox only carries the BCS Bowl games and so far hasn't done a great job with them.