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ESPN Cancels Holiday Party

by Ryan Hudson

Working the night shift (midnight-8 a.m.) during a Connecticut winter in the tape library at ESPN (as I used to do) can be a rather depressing experience. One of the bright spots was the Christmas Holiday Party, because hey, open bar (and, Chaka Khan!). But sadly, those at the Worldwide Leader in Sports will not get to experience that entertainment this year: ESPN has canceled the party, citing the struggling economy. President George Bodenheimer broke the news:

“As you all know we face a very challenging year. As we navigate through it, we will more than ever need to carefully manage our expenses if we are to realize continued growth. In that vein, and after considerable thought, we have decided to cancel all company-supported holiday events this year.

We recognize this will be a disappointment for many. However, taken in the larger context of our overall commitment to providing the resources needed to support our work force and to take advantage of growth opportunities, this is an appropriate step in today’s economic climate. We appreciate your understanding.”

First the LPGA cancels events, now ESPN is pulling the plug on drinking with awkward co-workers? Where will it end?

Most disappointed of all: Chris Berman.