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LenDale White Does Not Care For UCLA

by Jeff Briggs

Thursday on KLAA-AM’s “Sports Lodge,” LenDale White appeared as a guest. In lieu of the fact that UCLA alum Maurice Jones-Drew said he would "not allow" his children to attend USC, LenDale was asked what he would do if his children wanted to go to play for UCLA. His response:

“I probably would ground him until he realized that that’s the worst grief you would ever imagine about going to play. You know, powder blue. I guess enough said. Their powder blue uniforms and that ugly mustard color. I don’t know.

UCLA sucks. It’s the worst school you could ever go to if you were a football player. You know, they never win anything, and SC dominates them, so … you gotta make your choice. If you want to get dominated by your cross-town rival where they can come on your campus and take your girlfriends and stuff, then you take that decision.”

Wow. Pretty harsh stuff. I wonder how many UCLA girlfriends LenDale "took" during his time at USC.

Audio clip here.

(H/T: SportsbyBrooks)