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Donovan McNabb Knows Not Of These "Ties" You Speak Of

by Jeff Briggs

Donovan McNabb said in his post game interview, that he "didn’t know there were ties in the NFL.” Yes, a 10-year NFL-veteran was unaware that NFL games could end in a tie. This is despite the fact that the last tie in the NFL was between the Steelers and Falcons in 2002, when McNabb was in the league. Oh, and McNabb and the Eagles played that Falcons team in the playoffs that year. Did McNabb ever wonder why the Falcons had that third column in their record, and were 10-6-1 when he played them?

Not only did McNabb not know that NFL games could end in a tie, he went on to wonder what happens if the Super Bowl ends in a tie (they keep playing).

Some other inaccuracies McNabb has been heard saying recently:

“I didn’t know Philadelphia teams were allowed to win championships.”

"I didn't know that the 2 minute warning meant that the end of the half was coming soon."

“I thought coaches had to waste a certain number of those red flags every year.”

“I didn’t know there was a NFL team in Wisconsin.”

“I didn’t know ‘The U’ was not the actual name of a school.”

“Wait, quarterbacks don’t have to puke in the Super Bowl?”

“I didn’t know there was a NEW Mexico.”