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Sharks New #1 In RCS NHL Power Ranking Averages

by Jeff Briggs

nhl%20ranks2.jpgThe RCS NHL Power Ranking Averages combine seven* other sites' power rankings to make the most balanced and unbiased grade possible, and to offer the most accurate look at the state of the NHL on a weekly basis.

The San Jose Sharks are the new No. 1 team in the RCS NHL Power Ranking Averages this week after a slight delay in the release of the latest rankings.

The top-ten sees three new teams this week, with the entry of the Bruins (moving from 12th to 10th), and two teams who moved up over 15 spots each; the Flames (moving up all the way from 23rd to 7th) and the Ducks (26th to 8th). Falling out of the rankings are the Oilers (7th to 14th), the Blues (all the way from 9th to 22nd), and the Penguins (10th to 11th).

Joining the Flames and Ducks in jumping up the rankings is the Lightning, who moved from dead last (30th) to 20th, and the Flyers, up from 28th to 16th. With teams finally rounding into form and rankings (hopefully) being updated weekly, this should be the last time we see so many teams rise over 10 spots from one issue of the Power Ranking Averages to the next.

*ESPN was not included in this weeks averages, as they have not updated their rankings since October 23rd.