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Sharks Hold #1 Spot In RCS NHL Power Ranking Averages

by Jeff Briggs

nhl%20ranks6.jpgThe RCS NHL Power Ranking Averages combine seven other sites' power rankings to make the most balanced and unbiased grade possible, and to offer the most accurate look at the state of the NHL on a weekly basis.

The San Jose Sharks remain the #1 team in the RCS NHL Power Ranking Averages for the 4th consecutive week. The Sharks were a near unanimous choice at number-one, with six of the seven sites ranking them first. The Blackhawks, who shot up from 12th to 5th, became the only new entrant to the top-ten this week, essentially replacing the Ducks, who dropped out, falling from 9th to 12th.

The Sabres take the biggest fall in the rankings this week, dropping from 11th to 17th, while Chicago took the biggest leap.

It took a quarter of the season, but it seems as if the rankers are slowly coming to agreement as to which teams are bad and which are good. Last week 13 teams had a range of 8 rankings spots or higher; this week, only eight teams have such a wide range of position.