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They Can Play And They Try To Write: Athlete Blog Wrap-Up

by Jeff Briggs

Some athletes, not satisfied with being better at a specific skill-set than 99% of the world, choose to blog as well. This is a look at their latest efforts.

Redskins TE Chris Cooley has another wired up video from training camp, this time Jim Zorn.

Blazers F Channing Frye asks another would you rather question.

Dodgers OF Andre Either reviews Niños Mexican Restaurant.

Former NFL LB Bill Romanowski gives his Thanksgiving Survival Guide video.

Steelers LB Lamar Woodley gives a quick Steelers update.

Redskins rookie S Chris Horton answers some questions from fans.

USA Beach Volleyball player Todd Rogers is starting up his workouts.

Jags rookie LB Thomas Williams took a trip to a Navy base in Jacksonville.