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Top 10 Least Thankful People in Sports

by Ryan Hudson

In 1492, Christopher Columbus landed at Plymouth Rock with a large turkey dinner, which he shared with the Native Americans in celebration of that day’s Macy’s parade. And Thanksgiving was born. Or English colonists gave thanks for a good harvest by sharing their crop with the local Wampanoag Indians in 1621 – no one knows for sure.

But one thing we can all agree on is that Thursday is the time for everyone to take one day out of their lives and give thanks (by overeating, of course). Those within the world of sports are no exception – playing games for millions of dollars, winning championships and establishing new world records gives many plenty for which to be thankful. Or, simply put, you could be Marko Jaric.

However, on this day to give thanks, who in the sports world might not be so willing? Who had a year they would rather forget? Be it a dejected fan base, an owner with some financial troubles or a quarterback who struggles with simple rules, there were plenty who have little to give thanks for in 2008. These are our Ten Least Thankful People in Sports.