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What To Watch: Weekend Edition

by Robbie Gillies


8pm ET - ESPN – NBA: Heat at Spurs - The Heat have stepped it up on defense, but Tony Parker scored 55 for the Spurs on Wednesday. A classic battle of offense vs. defense.

9:30pm - ESPN2 – NCAA Football: Nevada at Fresno State - Both teams sit in the middle of the WAC standings at 2-2. I guess they might be fighting for a bowl game.

10:30pm - ESPN – NBA: Mavericks at Nuggets - It's the return of Chauncey Billups to the Nuggets. Not quite as sexy as Iverson's debut with the Pistons, but it will have to do.

Non-sports pick - 8:30pm - TCM - Annie Hall - One of Woody Allen's bests. It won Oscars for Best Directing (Woody Allen), Best Actress (Diane Keaton), Best Screenplay (Allen & Brickman), and Best Picture.


12pm - ESPN2 – NCAA Football: #11 Ohio State at #24 Northwestern - With a win, Northwestern would be tied with Ohio State in the Big Ten standings. I never thought that sentence would be true.

3:30pm - CBS – NCAA Football: #1 Alabama at #16 LSU - Satan Saban returns to Baton Rouge. I'm sure the natives will give him a nice, southern comfort welcome.

3:30pm - ESPN – NCAA Football: Clemson at #22 Florida State - This is the first time in 10 years it isn't the Bowden Bowl, now that Terry is gone from Clemson.

3:30pm - ABC/ESPN2 – NCAA Football: #3 Penn State at Iowa - The Nittany Lions sit third in the BCS standings. All they can do is take care of business and hope it all works out. Gotta love the BCS.

OR #6 Oklahoma at Texas A&M - This should be the easiest game left for the Sooners. After this they host Texas Tech and then play Oklahoma State on the road.

8pm - ABC – NCAA Football: #9 Oklahoma State at #2 Texas Tech - Can Texas Tech stay undefeated, or will they have an emotional let down after beating Texas last week?

OR #21 California at #7 USC - I get this game as opposed to the marquee matchup of the week. I hate living in California.

8pm - ESPN2 – NCAA Football: #5 Florida at Vanderbilt - Vandy was a nice Cinderella story while it lasted. They started 5-0 but have now lost three in a row, whereas the Gators seem to be hitting their stride.

8pm - ESPN – NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Boston College - Which school does God favor?

Non-sports pick - 8:30pm - USA - Inside Man - It just proves Spike Lee is still a good director when he is kept as far away from the script as possible. Why can't Shyamalan follow suit?


1pm - CBS – NFL - Local listings.

1pm - Fox – NFL - These maps are great.

4pm - CBS – NFL - Most people are getting Colts-Steelers, but I get Chiefs-Chargers! Awesome...

8:15pm - NBC – NFL: Giants at Eagles - Both teams have won three in a row. This is a much bigger game for the Eagles though - they need to win to close the gap in the NFC East.

Non-sports pick - 9pm - SciFi Channel - Blade Runner - This movie takes place in 2019. Only 11 more years until flying cars! FINALLY!