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9 Questions With the Editor of Deadspin

by Ryan Hudson

RealClearSports recently interviewed AJ Daulerio, Editor of Deadspin. Before taking over the most popular sports blog, Daulerio, who was formerly the Senior Writer for the site, was a staff writer at Philadelphia magazine, founding editor of The Black Table and editor of the former Gawker Media blog Oddjack.

  1. You got hit with a cookie sheet -- how's the face?
  2. What's the future of Donovan McNabb in Philly?
  3. How has Will Leitch's influence on Deadspin evolved since you took over?
  4. Were you surprised that ESPN cited Deadspin, and what does it mean?
  5. Is the mainstream media embracing blogs, trying to replace them, or both?
  6. Is the future of sports journalism online?
  7. Does Leitch have less influence since leaving Deadspin?
  8. What do you hope to be remembered for as editor at Deadspin?
  9. Would you let Gisele feed you lunch?

Full Transcript of the RCS-Daulerio Interview