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Your Thursday Boston Sports Wrap-Up

by Ryan Hudson

Like it or not (and I'm guessing it's the latter), Boston has become one of sports' epicenters during the past 10 years. And in the past 24-hours or so, a lot has happened in the Hub. Let's do a quick spin through Beantown. First, the good.

It's No Mark Teixeira, But It'll Do: The Red Sox have agreed to deals with both John Smoltz and Rocco Baldelli. One will serve as a the team's fourth outfielder, the other should be a nice addition to the back-end of the pitching rotation sometime in May or June. I'll let you figure out which is which.

Hey, Look, It's Hockey!: Proof that the entire roster will not be Canadiens and Penguins, three Boston Bruins were named as reserves to the Eastern Conference team for the NHL All-Star Game.

Now, the not-so-good.

Um...What Happened to the Winning? Last night, the Celtics lost again. This time, at home, their first loss in Boston in nearly two months. That's six losses in their past eight games, and three in a row. Yeah, this probably sums it up best.

My Boys Wicked Smaht: Just three days after beating then number-one UNC, #17 Boston College loses to Harvard. Oops. Oh, and yeah, that whole Jeff Jagodzinski thing.

Boston photo