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Change Comes To The Internet: ESPN Credits Deadspin

by Ryan Hudson

ESPN and Deadspin have had their fair share of "dust-ups" in the past, seemingly reaching its pinnacle when the Worldwide Leader sent out an e-mail to its employees with the subject "Policy Against Deadspin and Other Underground Web Sites."

Per ESPN editorial policy, the use of "underground" web sites as a source of credible information within any ESPN platform is strongly discouraged. Specifically speaking, the use of the site "Deadspin.com" as a source of credible information is not allowed under any circumstance. As always, any breaking hard news story off of any site must be approved through the proper channels.

Please see me or another programming manager if you have any questions or seek clarification on the web sites called into question. Thank you.

Well, with the ever-increasing presence that Deadspin has, not only in the "sports blogosphere," but in sports in general, eventually that ban was going to be lifted, and the line crossed. And today that happened (it only took two years and three months!)

ESPN cited Deadspin as the source for the story that Mark McGwire took steroids while playing baseball, according to a proposed book written by his brother, Jay McGwire.

A new book proposal, submitted by the admittedly estranged brother of Mark McGwire, claims the former major league slugger used both steroids and human growth hormone during his career.

In the proposal, first reported Wednesday on Deadspin.com, Jay McGwire alleges that Mark used Deca-Durabolin and that he introduced Mark to performance-enhancing drugs in 1994 ...

The book, "The McGwire Family Secret: The Truth about Steroids, a Slugger and Ultimate Redemption," is reportedly being sent by Jay McGwire to several publishing houses in New York. Deadspin.com said that it has been turned down by "many" publishers.

The report, and Deadspin, even made it onto SportsCenter.

Congratulations to Deadspin, on finally making it to the big time.