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National Championship Puns Come Sooners Rather Than Later

by Robbie Gillies

ESPN isn't the only one getting in on the fun, nor were they the only ones 'clever' enough to use chomp.

Fox Sports - CHOMPIONS!

New Orleans Times Picayune - Chomp of a Champ

Arkansas Democratic Gazette - BCS National Championship: Chomps Again

Baltimore Sun - Gators Chomp Down on Sooners

Los Angeles Times - Gators take a bite out of BCS Title

Florida Today - Urban's Legend Grows in Gainesville

NBC Sports - 'Gators Are No. 1' After Swamping Oklahoma

Denver Post - Gators' 2-bite attack sinks teeth into OU

and again Denver Post - Gators put BCS bite on Oklahoma

AOL Sports - No Debates: Gators are Worthy Chomps

Nice work MSM! But just in case you didn't have enough awful puns here are a few more I think they should've used (and hey, feel free - no charge):

"Take a TeBOW"

"Urban Meyer? More Like Urban Mayor of Florida"

"Who's the BCS Champ? Flori-Duh!"

"Bob Stoopid and Sam Badford Are Sent Okla-HOME-a"

Or how bout this one - "Tebow's Legend: Real As A Circumcision." Too far? Yeah, that type of title would never appear...