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Those Will Make A Sweet Party Accessory

by Robbie Gillies

Did you ever have that one accessory that, when you walked into a party in college everyone just had to stare at you? For me it was my Taco Bell hat I got at the X Games.

That's not me. Unfortunately, my hat was so awesome it got stolen immediately upon setting it down somewhere. Well, someone at Penn State now has their ultimate accessory: JoePa's glasses. From the AP:
Penn State police are looking out for Joe Paterno's Coke bottle-thick glasses — the bronzed ones that were perched on the statue of the iconic football coach that stands outside Beaver Stadium.

Vandals apparently cut the glasses off just above the base of the ears of the 7-foot sculpture between 11 a.m. Friday and 11 a.m. Saturday, when a police officer noticed the damage.

That's what the statue looked like. To see the statue without glasses watch this video from WJACTV.
Looks like the kid who took them is either getting into the fraternity he's pledging or is getting a head start on the best Halloween costume ever.