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Pittsburgh Mayor Changes Name, Others to Follow?

by Jeff Briggs

By now I'm sure many of you have heard that Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl, not wanting to have "Ravens" in his name during the AFC Championship against the hated team from Baltimore, has changed his last name to Steelerstahl. His explanation:

"On behalf of the Steelers Nation, I've decided to remove the word 'Ravens' from my name just like the Steelers will remove them from the AFC Championship,"

While this move is more of a humorous publicity stunt than a serious undertaking (he still hasn't paid the $108 needed to make it official), and most likely the mayor will return to his normal name after the playoffs, it still has other mayors thinking about changes.

In Arizona, Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon, worried his name sounds too much like Philadelphia, is planning to make the change to Glendale Gordon to reflect the name of the city home to the Cardinals stadium. And, not to be outdone, Detroit mayor Ken Cockrel Jr. plans to change his name to Complete Failure III.