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Forget Warner and Roethlisberger - Give Me The Beagle

by Ryan Hudson

Last year, after Eli Manning somehow escaped that sack; after David Tyree somehow caught a football with one hand and one helmet; after the blitz did not get there in time and Ellis Hobbs was left guarding Plaxico Burress one-on-one; after two Brady-to-Moss bombs fell harmlessly to the turf; after the Giants had upset the Patriots and ruined their perfect season, I needed somewhere to turn.

After some denial ("That didn't just happen..."), anger ("@%$#!"), bargaining ("I mean, 18-1 is still pretty good, right?") and depression, (sitting in complete darkness wearing your Brady jersey is healthy, right?) finally, I arrived at acceptance, and with it came the need to begin cleansing and healing. Enter The Puppy Bowl.

There was something oddly soothing about watching a bunch of puppies run around on a miniature football field. It's tough to be too upset when you're watching a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy jump on the head of a Golden Retriever.

This year brings us the Puppy Bowl V, and it kicks-off at 3pm on Animal Planet.

If your favorite team’s season went to the dogs this year, Animal Planet has some new recruits that are ready for their chance to conquer the pigskin—or a chew toy—in PUPPY BOWL V. The yearly canine competition is back as a new cast of pups takes the field for another year of dogged defense, puppy penalties and fido first downs. The action takes place on the grand gridiron of Animal Planet Stadium, where an all-star, all- “adoptable” lineup of rambunctious pups is ready to compete in the ultimate puppy showdown.
And if puppies aren't your thing, don't worry -- there's a Kitty Halftime Show.

Keep an eye on Matilda -- she's got all the makings of an MVP.

UPDATE: Guess who won the MVP? That's right - Matilda. Just call me the Puppy Prognosticator.