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"Embrace Tebow" I Believe is From John 3:16.

by Robbie Gillies

On Sunday, Tim Tebow announced he would return for his senior season. Many were already calling him the greatest college player ever and now he has one more season to build his legacy. Of course, this means one more year of wall-to-wall Tebow coverage and Dan Shanoff thinks we should embrace it:

There will be so much Tebow insanity all year long, it will be ridiculous, absurd, insane and -- yes -- probably sickening for many of you. The college football world will revolve around him.

I'd suggest you enjoy the novelty -- a mania like this doesn't come along very often, in any sport.

I'm with Shanoff. Tebow is a once in a lifetime player. We should forget about his pro prospects and be happy with another year of one of the most interesting (read: seemingly perfect) athletes ever. Somehow Tebow has even been embraced by the blogosphere (as much as anyone can be). Here are a couple of the more entertaining Tebow-related things floating around the inter-web:

What's better than being compared to Oprah? How about this:

I for one am thrilled that there will be one more year of brilliant photoshop, gif, and video editing to add to Tebow's legacy in the blog world.