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RCS Top 10: Worst Super Bowl Teams

by Ryan Hudson

Previewing the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs, on Friday, Miami Herald columnist Greg Cote wrote that the “Top underdogs could set marks with wins.” He went on to say that just a season after there was very real talk of19-0, mediocrity has become the new trend.
"A year later, dominance is hardly the issue. Do you see any team that seems anything close to invincible? I don't. The eight remaining teams have lost an average of 5.1 games each, with none having lost fewer than three. …

The underdogs have come to interest me most about these playoffs: the…10-7 Cardinals and 10-6-1 Eagles especially."

We now know that the NFC Championship promises that a nine-win team will play in the Super Bowl, the first since the 9-7 Los Angeles Rams, in 1979. In fact, if either the Eagles or Cardinals go on to claim the Lombardi Trophy, they will become the worst team ever to win it, based on regular season winning percentage (.594 and .563, respectively; the current holder of that infamous mark is the 2007 Giants, at .625).

Naturally, this begged the question: win or lose, who is the worst Super Bowl team ever? From the 1979 Rams to the 1985 Patriots to the 2002 Raiders, we provide the answer with our Top 10 Worst Super Bowl Teams.