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Best Part of the A-Rod Interview

by Jeff Briggs

Now that everyone has had the chance to voice their opinions on the Alex Rodriguez interview with Peter Gammons, it is time to move past the segment about steroids and look at the most interesting part of the interview. At about the 30:10 mark of the interview, when discussing the new Joe Torre book, “The Yankee Years,” and how A-Rod is perceived in the clubhouse, Rodriguez mentions that “everybody in the clubhouse” makes fun of him.

Peter, in our clubhouse everybody makes fun of me. I mean I’m talking about from the clubhouse kid to every coach, Larry Bowa to Mike Borzello to Joe Torre, to every guy on our team. And I like it, I like taking it, I’m not a good ragger, but I am a good receiver. And, um, I like having fun, to me that’s really a compliment that guys feel that comfortable that they can actually make fun of you at any time.
A-Rod, when everyone is making fun of you, even the clubhouse kid, the guy who is supposed to get you lunch and take your laundry, they don’t love you. Someone needs to tell you this. People make fun of others to amuse themselves and their friends, not because they are buddy-buddy with you. That's what they tell you so they can keep making fun of you and not feel bad about it. You are treated like Homer Simpsons’ work friends treat him. You need to talk to someone and have a realization process.
MARGE: [T]hey love you down at the plant!
HOMER: Yeah, you're right. Guys are always patting my bald head for luck, pinching my belly to hear my girlish laugh.
MARGE: Mmm... it doesn't sound like they like you at all.
HOMER: You know, I think you're right. First thing tomorrow morning, I'm going to punch Lenny in the back of the head.

So, hopefully A-Rod, you stand up for yourself and punch Melky Cabrera in the back of the head when you see him down in Tampa for spring training.