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Blackwater Set To Train Athletes

by Ryan Hudson

From the "It may be a good idea, but could also be a really, really bad idea" department comes news that Blackwater is set to provide athletes with firearms training.

Blackwater Worldwide, best known for protecting American diplomats in Iraq, is opening up its firearm training ranges and safety workshops to a new class of customer: professional athletes.

"They're high-profile personnel, and high-profile people need to be able to protect themselves and their families," said Jim Sierawski, Blackwater's vice president of training. "A lot of times gun handling and gun safety is a big part of that protection package."

The first "athlete-only course" is scheduled to coincide with the NFL's offseason in April, which obviously the league was none too happy to hear about. "Our strong recommendation to players is that they should not own guns and our policy prohibits all NFL employees from possessing guns or other weapons on NFL facilities or while on NFL business," said league spokesman Brian McCarthy on Thursday.

Classes open with "How Not to Shoot Yourself in Your Leg," and suggestions on proper pants to wear.

Following Plaxico Burress' mishap, certainly some athletes could use this. But does Tank Johnson really need military training?

Thanks to the guys at Game On! for the tip.