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The Week That Was At RCS

by Ryan Hudson

The Super Bowl was a classic, but it also began one of the year's biggest Sports Black Holes. March Madness is still over a month away, the NBA playoffs don't begin until 2011, and while I'm excited about Spring Training, I think I'm the only one.

Santonio, Rafa and ESPN's new high school kept things busy around here this past week.

Jeff Neuman reminded everyone that defense wins championships, predicted a Pittsburgh win and then bragged as James Harrison was rumbling down the sidelines.

Another tennis Grand Slam final, and another Rafael Nadal-Roger Federer final, wrote Tim Joyce.

Art Spander wrote about Kurt Warner, and how he simply refused to give in.

Living up to the hype, Nadal-Federer supplied us with a great follow-up to their Wimbledon duel. Because of his trouble getting past Nadal lately, Joyce says Federer still can't be considered the best ever.

In one of the better Super Bowls ever played, the Steelers did was good teams do: win.

As is the norm, a lot of post-Super Bowl talk focused on the commercials. Here's a look at the 10 Most Annoying Ads of Super Bowl XLIII.

We chatted with New York Post columnist Mike Vaccaro.

The Raiders formally introduced Tom Cable as their head coach, but Spander has no doubt: Al Davis is still in charged.

The Celtics took over sole possession of the #1 spot in the RCS NBA Power Rankings Averages, while the Bruins reclaimed the top-spot in the RCS NHL Power Rankings Averages. Cue Boston hatred.

Peyton Manning tried to prank Jay Cutler. It did not go well.

The Oklahoma City Thunder tried to spice up their halftime entertainment show by nearly having a woman drown at center court.

Finally, we offered a special sneak-preview of the classes offered at the new ESPN High School.

Enjoy your weekend, and the Pro Bowl.