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Woman Nearly Drowns at NBA Game

by Ryan Hudson

What's the easiest, but scariest, way to spice up your halftime entertainment? Simple: have a woman nearly drown in a tube of water at center court.

Kristen Johnson, someone who makes their living performing as an escape artist, put her skills on display Jan. 16, at an Oklahoma City Thunder game. Things did not go as planned.

It was a great idea ... right up until the point where Kristen went into hypoxic seizure—that what's happens when your brain runs out of oxygen—in front of 17,000 NBA fans. It look her a bit longer than usual to get out of the chains, so her temporarily lifeless body had to be pulled from the tank before she drowned in front horrified onlookers. It's Fan-Tastic!

The good news is that she was okay afterward, but, why so much clapping at the end?