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Sign of the Apocalypse: Animals Take Over Our Sports

by Ryan Hudson

It may be time to stockpile food and water, gather your loved ones and make peace with your Maker, for animals have begun their takeover, starting with our sports. Clearly, our end of days is near.

First, a cat ran onto the field during the opening game at the Mets Citi Field. Then, a fellow feline disrupted play in Chicago (because the Cubs didn't have enough curses and omens to worry about).

They've begun their attack from land; now, they come from the air, beginning with 'Spirit," an actual hawk that serves as a pre-game mascot for Atlanta (see, because they're the Hawks).

The Hawks should have known this wouldn't be their night when "Spirit," an actual hawk that flies down from the rafters during the pre-game introductions, decided to hang around for the tipoff. The game had to be halted for a couple of minutes when the fierce-looking bird landed on the top of the backboard; he finally flew to his handler and was led out of the building.

Oh, and apparently the Hawks lost that game last night. I wouldn't know -- I didn't watch the game, heard it was for the birds.

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