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Fenway Park Getting Icy

by Ryan Hudson

If you can believe the report in the Boston Herald (and when have they ever been wrong about something sports related?), Fenway Park will be the site of the 2010 NHL Winter Classic, so says Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa in the "Inside Track."
Our spies on Lansdowne Street say the League has given its blessing to a 2010 New Year’s Day game in the Hub of Hockey, choosing Boston over New York and Philadelphia.

League reps had visited all three cities and, in Boston, looked at both Fenway and Gillette Stadium. However, scheduling around any Patriots [team stats] post-season play was a tricky proposition, we’re told, and ultimately Fenway got the nod.

Apparently, the Sox tried to get it last year, but were beaten out by Chicago and Wrigley Field.

The NHL has really hit it big with their Winter Classic (aka The One Day a Year People Pay Attention to Hockey), and pretty much any outdoor stadium would make for a great event. But having it in Fenway, much like Wrigley earlier this year, makes it that much more unique and, well, awesome.

And now, if I may borrow a line from the movie that transcends all time and generations, Batman & Robin, and its epic character Mr. Freeze: "Cool party!"

H/T: FanHouse
Graphic by Sarah Kaempfe