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Boston Can Stop Thinking Repeat

by Jeff Briggs

Doc Rivers has said that Kevin Garnett is out for the playoffs.

"He's not going to be ready. After watching him practice, there's no way," Rivers said on WEEI-AM. "The way I saw him move today, I don't know if he'll be ready."

KG has missed 22 of the last 26 games trying to rest and rehab his injured knee. While Garnett has only averaged 15.8 and 8.5 this season, he is the emotional leader of the Celtics and their defensive rock. Garnett was obviously upset at the news he was going to be shut down.
"He was frustrated. He was mad at me, mad at everybody. Then he understood," Rivers said. "He put up a fight. He's really frustrated, but that's Kevin."

He was mad? I bet that was the understatement of the year. With Garnett's trademark, almost scary intensity, I would not want to be with 50 feet of him for the next day or two after hearing he will not be able to play in the playoffs.

Boston was 18-7 without Garnett this year, and will likely be able to get past the Bulls in the first round, but their chances to make it much further than that have taken a serious hit with the loss of KG.