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Graham Harrell is Mr. Super-Irrelevant

by Tanner Munroe

The NFL Draft had some shocking moments. The Jets trading up to grab Mark Sanchez springs to mind, as does Al Davis’ continued inability to comprehend what’s needed to build a successful team. However, the biggest surprise for me was the fact that Texas Tech QB Graham Harrell went un-drafted. Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure there are a few teams that could use his services. Harrell was, to understate, a pretty good quarterback in college, throwing for an NCAA-record 134 touchdowns (while completing more than 70% of his passes).

He definitely has the skills, character, and intelligence to deserve a look from more teams than just the Cleveland Browns, who have reportedly invited him to their rookie mini-camp. See: the Raiders, Vikings, Broncos, Jaguars, and Rams. All those teams have either starters who have struggled to become big-time quarterbacks, or have serious depth-chart issues at the QB position.

However, the most obvious team that could use Harrell’s services is San Francisco. It’s a no-brainer for them to at least try him out. It looks like Shaun Hill will enter the season as the starter, but does he really instill confidence in Niners fans? I’m not saying Harrell would definitely work out, but San Francisco did just take Michael Crabtree with the 10th pick. So why not bring in his college QB, Harrell (they were basically the best QB-WR combo in the country the last two years), and see if maybe they can’t carry their extremely successful tandem to the Pro level.

It won’t cost the Niners a fortune, but it might make them one if it works out. If San Fran opts to pass on Harrell, then some other team has to smarten up and give him a chance. If Harrell winds up having to work a 9-5 job, it’s going to be huge waste of talent and ability. It would also be a dream crusher for kids everywhere. How can little Johnny really expect to make it as a pro football player if the NCAA’s all-time TD record holder can’t make it?