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ZOMG! Hasheem Thabeet Tested Positive For Steroids!

by Ryan Hudson

Um...April Fool's.

Actually, that's not even my joke -- it was Hasheem Thabeet's. Late last night, Thabeet, the 8-11 center for UConn, wrote on his Twitter account that he had been busted in a surprise drug test and wouldn't be able to make the trip to the Final Four.


Ah, but worry not Huskies fans, for it was merely a prank played by the Tanzanian Trickster. Just minutes later:


No doubt that caused a few panic-stricken moments on UConn message boards (not exactly the location of all sane and rational thought to begin with).

By the way, anyone else have the feeling that we're like a month away from all sports blog posts coming directly from Twitter?