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Heath Bell Is Still Yelling and Screaming

by Ryan Hudson

Apparently, when Heath Bell attacked ESPN for their baseball coverage the other night, it was only the beginning. Bell has lost 30 pounds, is now saving games for the Padres, and by God, the world will hear his cries. His latest target: the New York Mets.

From the Rumors and Rants crew (who no doubt has a poster of Bell in their home):

“The Mets are … they’re really not a team, you know? They’re still out there with a bunch of great players and they’re a bunch of individuals. But, I mean, their talent is unbelievable.”

“When I say you’re individuals, you’re not really a team … Well, the Mets have all the talent in the world. I mean, you got Jose Reyes, David Wright, Beltran, Delgado. I mean you’ve got all these guys that are phenomenal athletes. But, I think at the end of the day … you know, like say after the game - I’m not saying you guys need to go out and have drinks, but I think, after the game, they just kind of go their separate ways. Where, we (the Padres), we go hang out together. You know? We’re gonna hang out together. Not…Maybe not ever single one of us but, you know, we’re gonna - if there’s a team party, just about everybody’s gonna show up. Whereas I don’t think the Mets have a team party. If they have a team party, they maybe just feel obligated to go. Where we, we’re gonna go and have fun and rag on each other and you know, it’s kinda like a fraternity. You’re brothers.”

Let this be a lesson to any team that trades Heath Bell.

Amazingly, Bell still wasn't done. Last night, he appeared on ESPN's Baseball Tonight, to discuss the Padres, the odds he overcame (he walked-on to the Mets), his poor Spanish ("I end everything in 'O'"), and of course, his negative comments about ESPN.

"I'm a little bit weird, maybe." Yes, yes you are, Heath. Don't you go changing.

Heath Bell Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving - Rumors and Rants