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Stay Warm While Binge Drinking: Introducing College Snuggies

by Ryan Hudson

Do you have the desperate need to stay warm while answering the phone, typing and watching TV, but also want to show your team support at the same time? Sound impossible? Not anymore, thanks to Collegiate Snuggies!

Darren Rovell tells us that the marketers of the Snuggie have reached a deal with Fabrique Innovations, which will allow them to use the logos of college sports teams.

If you go to the big sports schools like Michigan, North Carolina and Texas, you’ll be able to buy a Snuggie with your school’s logo on it this Fall. The price will be $19.95 and will be sold on television, in drug stores and, in some cases, campus stores, according to Crystal Sims, director in non-apparel marketing of the Collegiate Licensing Company, the IMG firm that represents nearly 200 schools on licensing endeavors.
In just months, you'll be able to look just like the creepy, cult-like sports fans in the Snuggie commercial, all while clearly supporting the team (finally!).

Quick aside: that information comes from Crystal Sims, the director in non-apparel marketing of the CLC. The Snuggie is considered "non-apparel," apparently, but yet, it's not a blanket -- it has sleeves and now, logos and designs. And as we've seen, you can wear it out in public (I'd assume the doctrines of the Snuggie cult dictate this). So what, exactly, makes it "non-apparel?" It's not like it prohibits you from answering the phone or reading a book; quite the opposite, in fact.

Joe Posnanski (perhaps the country's biggest Snuggie fan), wrote that "The genius of the Snuggie is that it is an entirely useless product that solves a problem that did not exist." I politely disagree, sir. How else was one supposed to keep warm, while still having full access of their hands? Wearing a bathrobe backwards? Preposterous.

Seeing as there's already been many Snuggie Pub Crawls (no, not joking), it's a near-guarantee that colleges have Snuggie Parties this fall.

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