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Who's the Real Winner in Cutler Deal?

by Tanner Munroe

Kyle Orton, of course.

The latest blockbuster deal in the NFL has drawn together varying opinions of who benefits most. Is it the Chicago Bears, who received franchise-quarterback Jay Cutler and a 2009 fifth round pick? Or is it the Denver Broncos, who receive “Not-so Franchise” QB Kyle Orton, a first and third round pick this year and a first round pick next year? The answer is neither. The big winner out of this deal is Kyle Orton.

Clearly this relies on other factors, including whether or not the Broncos decide to even give him the chance to earn the starting job, or if they’ll trade up in the draft to get either Mark Sanchez or Matthew Stafford. It also banks on the fact that Orton can beat out Chris Simms for the starting job. But if they give Orton a chance, he really could be successful, forcing fans to see Orton in a new light in 2009.

First of all, Orton has a career 20-12 record as a starter in the NFL. Although Chicago’s defense is a big part of that, Orton still found ways to at least not lose games. Secondly, he gets to play for a coach who was the offensive coordinator for the Patriots when Tom Brady threw 50 touchdowns. McDaniels not only called the plays when Brady had his video-game type season, but then in just one season he was able to mold Matt Cassell, who hadn’t started a game since high school, into one of the most coveted QB’s this off-season. Plus, there hasn’t really been a good QB in Chicago since Jim McMahon. So maybe it’s not the guys they bring in, but the system they run.

Third, Orton steps onto a team that has some great receivers. He’ll get to throw to stud Brandon Marshall, young star Eddie Royal, and great role players like Brandon Stokley and TE Tony Scheffler. Compare that to the Bears, a team that was led in receptions by their running back in 2008, and I think you can see how Denver might be a better fit for Orton. Finally, Denver has better weather conditions for QB’s (barely). Besides playing a mile above sea level, which should help make deep throws a bit easier, Orton won’t have to deal with the Windy City anymore. Honestly, how can a place with “Windy” in its title be good for a guy whose job is to throw a ball?

A lot of people have already taken the other side on this subject, and really don’t think Orton will amount to much at all, including Mike Florio.

Regardless, the drama will continue in Denver. Unless they think Kyle Orton is the answer.

OK, I think I peed a little while laughing at that one.

But if Orton gets the chance to lead the Broncos next season, Florio, and others, may owe the Lord of the Neckbeards an apology. Or at least a drink.

Photo via Deadspin