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NFL Draft Could Move To Prime Time

by Ryan Hudson

The NFL Draft has become perfect weekend viewing. The first round provides actual interesting, watchable television, while Rounds 2-7 make for great background entertainment, whether you're around the house, being productive, or lying on the couch, nursing your hangover from Saturday night. But if the NFL has its way, the NFL Draft will no longer be the domain of lazy weekenders. According to the Dallas Morning News, the NFL is considering making the 2010 draft a three-day event, beginning with the opening round Thursday night.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Monday the league was discussing the possibility of staging the first round of the 2010 draft on a Thursday evening, the second and third rounds Friday evening and the final four rounds Saturday.

The event would remain the cable television domain of ESPN and the NFL Network.

"We're more confident now, with the timing of the first round, that it can fit a 3½-hour window," Goodell said. "We think it can be very appealing from a fan's standpoint and an audience standpoint.

Considering the NBA Draft has long been a prime-time event, it is odd the NFL hasn't already made this move (it should be noted: the MLB draft is making its prime-time debut this year, but, it's 50 rounds). And considering it is the ratings juggernaut that it is, the NFL is probably the only league that could even consider stretching its draft over three days.

NFL draft could get prime-time TV slot in 2010 - Dallas Morning News