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The Other Terrible Side Of Nick Adenhart's Accident

by Ryan Hudson

Somewhat forgotten in the sad news of Nick Adenhart's death yesterday was the even sadder news that there were two other people in the car that also lost their lives. One of them was Henry Pearson, Adenhart's buddy, and a longtime friend of blogger Matt Clapp, who wrote a touching and heartfelt (and sad) post, remembering the friend he lost.

There's so much more that I could say that I can't even think about right now as I write this with tears dripping down my face. I wouldn't be anything like I am today without Henry. He changed my life more than anybody. I've lost my best friend and the world's lost an unbelievably special young man that had such a bright future ahead. We'll miss you buddy, you have no idea.

R.I.P. Henry Pearson.

Our condolences to Clapp, and all involved.

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