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Texas Rangers Have a Lucky Scorpion

by Jeff Briggs

Yep. A lucky scorpion.


Pitcher Dustin Nippert found the scorpion in the back of his truck and gave it to Matt Harrison, who has kept it in his locker during the Rangers 3-0 start. So is this just a one-time thing, or the start of a season long mascot? Looks like the latter.
"We haven't lost with it here," said Harrison, who has neither named the scorpion nor tried to mess around with it. Harrison said he's hoping to bring the scorpion to Detroit.
Dangerous? Perhaps, but there is no denying the Rangers early season success, so maybe there is something to it, and other teams looking for a quick fix are soon to follow suit.

The Houston Astros are attempting to obtain a lucky black widow spider.
The Washington Nationals have gone as far as to purchase a lucky cobra.
And of course, the Pittsburgh Pirates, looking for any way to win, have decided to fill their hot tubs with schools of 'lucky' piranhas.

H/T Fanhouse