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They Can Play And They Try To Write: Athlete Blog Wrap-Up

by Jeff Briggs

Some athletes, not satisfied with being better at a specific skill-set than 99% of the world, choose to blog as well. This is a look at their latest efforts.

Dwight Howard shares his thoughts about his suspension.

Baron Davis promises the fans that the Clippers are committed to doing whatever is necessary to not have a season like this past year.

NBA D-Leaguer Rod Benson pretends to be Plaxico Burress to get a table

Ohio St. bench rider Mark Titus has been forced to withdraw his name from the NBA draft.

49ers TE Vernon Davis hosted the 2nd Annual Styling the Modern Man Opening Gala.

Chris Cooley has quite the adventure trying to saw some wood for his new fire pit.

Rajon Rondo arrives to the Garden in the Red Bull racing car.