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The Week at RCS: A Retrospective Journey

by Ryan Hudson

I grew up in a Catholic house, so as a child, we practiced the whole "no eating meat on Friday during Lent" thing. We'd have pasta or fish or soup -- anything, as long as it didn't involve chicken or red meat. This was especially true on Good Friday (today).

As I got older, went off to college and eventually moved out altogether, this was enforced less and less. Occasionally I'd slip up, and eat a hamburger for lunch. That eventually became complete disregard for years of religious teachings in the form of steak dinners.

And now? For breakfast today, I ate chicken biscuit. All part of growing up I guess.

Happy [insert your favorite religious holiday here], everyone.

Baseball came back. That is good.

Tom Brady's wedding was more shoot-y than yours.

Don't read this if hungry: Baseball's Most Lavish Foods.

Phillies fans began 2009 as only they can -- fighting.

Bruins ended the year as the #1 team in the RCS NHL Power Ranking Averages.

LeBron gets some calls? Shocking.

Vijay Singh, surly, but still pretty awesome at golf.

Adam Eaton was less than welcomed back to Philadelphia to collect his World Series ring.

11 Questions with Delaware Gov. Jack Markell.

The NFL Network is still losing its battle.

The Texas Rangers have a lucky scorpion. Yep.

And the Angels, and everyone, lost Nick Adenhart. Our thoughts and prayers.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, Arnold Schwarzenegger fighting a bear. Enjoy your weekends, everyone.