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What to Watch: Tuesday

by Robbie Gillies

2:30pm ET - UEFA Championship Quarterfinals: Liverpool @ Chelsea - Chelsea won the "first leg" 3-1. Here's a preview from someone who knows what "first leg" means.

5pm - ESPN Classic - Barcelona @ Bayern Munich (tape-delayed) - I hear Barcelona is on fire.

8:15pm - TNT – NBA: Celtics @ 76ers - 76ers are still vying for playoff positioning, but as it currently stands, this would be a preview of their first round matchup.

10:30pm – NBA: Jazz @ Lakers - Another possible preview of the first round of the playoffs. If the Lakers win they will play the Jazz in the first round. The Jazz have tiebreakers over the Mavs and Hornets, so if they win and either of those teams lose their regular season finale, the Jazz will move ahead of them.

Non-sports pick - 12am - ABC - Jimmy Kimmel Live - Jorge Garcia is on, better known as Hurley from LOST. I don't think I've ever seen an interview with this guy, and I'm kind of interested in what he's actually like. Also, I wonder how he feels about having his own action figure.