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The Women’s Tournament Has a Chance to Gain Some Followers…

by Jeff Briggs

...and it’s gone.

Women’s College basketball had been doing its best to try to gain fans this tournament, with things not as “chalky” as usual, and had a chance to maybe garner some sort of viewership for the championship game. It looked like Courtney Paris of Oklahoma would have a chance to back up her promise that she and Oklahoma would win the National Championship this year, or she would pay back her scholarship.

"We're gonna win a national championship. If we don't, which is not even an option, just to put something on the line - and it might take me the rest of my life - I will pay back my scholarship because I didn't do what I said I was going to do."
This would certainly have added some intrigue if Oklahoma and Connecticut met in the final, with Paris try to make good on her promise by toppling the undefeated Huskies. This looked set up to happen, until #3-seed Louisville knocked-off the Sooners in the Final Four last night. Now women’s basketball is left with Louisville vs. UConn in the final, meeting for the third time this season.

On January 26th UConn, won 93-65. In their second game, on March 10th, Louisville was able to build on some things they learned in the first meeting. Wait. No. They lost 75-36. I can’t wait for game three!

Congratulations, women’s basketball, that’s gonna be one exciting showcase event for your sport.

Prediction, UConn wins 84-12.