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New Yankee Stadium vs. Citi Field

by Tanner Munroe

yankee%20stadium.jpg VS. citi%20field.jpg

The New Yankee Stadium and Citi Field are receiving rave reviews and USA Today writer Mike Dodd went as far as to call them “Baseball’s new Palaces.”

I’ve had the chance in this very young season to watch a game in both, and the term “Palaces,” although grandiose, is right on the money. Obviously since both are new and insanely gorgeous, many people have been arguing over which one is better. So I’m here to help in the battle by objectively (I’m a die hard Yankees fan) comparing some of the major aspects of a ballpark. I picked six subjects that are important to all fans when considering how to rate a Ballpark.

Yankee Stadium- The bathrooms are huge, clean, for some reason rather classy, and did I mention huge. If someone could deal with the smell of urine and other excrement, the Yankees could lease just one potty area as a small house. The chance of waiting in line at one of the stadiums restrooms - slim to none.
Citi Field- The bathrooms here are smaller, less clean, and much less classy than the ones at Yankee Stadium. Describing them is easy. There’s concrete walls, floors and ceilings (It feels like a potty prison); there’s circular urinals (which are just kind of weird looking), and the lines were out the door almost all game.
Winner: Yankee Stadium.

Y.S.- There is a pretty wide assortment of food, ranging from sushi to Philly cheese steaks. A lot of the same stuff is still being sold. There are new tubs of popcorn however, and other calorie busting snacks. Although I don’t drink, some of the people I was with said the beers were pretty good. I also watched other fans enjoy spirits ranging from martinis to shots. So for all you ladies who don’t like beer, you can easily do your best Sex and the City impression and order a Cosmo.
C.F.- The food here is vast. Sausage stands, fresh seafood, and tacos to name a few. A wide assortment of choices from different places around the stadium provide a taste of everywhere around the world (the toppings cart with hot sauerkraut won me over). The beer I’m told is very good. Oh yeah, there’s also multiple bars staged around the stadium. So basically if you’re there to get your drink on, you’re in heaven.
Winner: Citi Field

Y.S.- The crazy thing about the new stadium is that it has a similar atmosphere to the old one. The fans are loud, seem to be having a blast, and haven’t changed (the booing of the home team still applies in certain situations). The in between inning fan participation activities are basically the same as the old stadium too.
C.F.- The brick used on the outside of the Stadium, and the colors on the field and around the field are a step up from Shea. The fans were excited about the new field; that was obvious. They were also loud until the Mets started losing, basically, same as Shea. The in between inning entertainment was rather weak though, as the Mets knock off of the Yanks subway race fell extremely short.
Winner: Push. They bring different things to the table. Fans clearly love both places.

Y.S.- Unparalleled. You get goose bumps walking into the stadium, and I dare any Red Sox fan not to be in awe walking through the great hall. The Yankees clearly are honoring their history with this Stadium. A great feature is the “Glory of the Yankees” photo collection - 2,000 photos dug up from Daily News archives of past players, teams, and moments in Yankees history, circle around the Stadium. The crazy thing is, it still feels like the house that Ruth built, just with some newer amenities.
C.F.- They do their best to give an Ebbets Field type feel. A few black and white photos and the Jackie Robinson Rotunda are great features. However, when it comes to Mets history, they really fall short. I don’t blame them though, because I’m pretty sure most Mets fans don’t want to remember anything about Shea Stadium. It’s clear the Mets were going for new and not so much nostalgic when building the place.
Winner: Yankee Stadium. Not even close.

Y.S.- Let’s face it. It’s wicked expensive. Honestly though it’s not much different in pricing from the old stadium as far as food, goods, and services go. Obviously the ticket prices have gone up, but they do have the $12 and $5 bleachers tickets that are surprisingly great seats. Also for everyone complaining about the $2600 seats. Let’s face it you weren’t buying those seats even if they were $700 anyway, so stop the whining.
C.F.- It is New York so the food and other stadium items are also rather pricey, but not as bad as Yankee Stadium. Ticket prices are cheaper than the Bombers, and there also doesn’t seem to be a bad seat in the house.
Winner: Citi Field

Y.S.- With 1,400 HD monitors spread throughout the Stadium, and the 59’ x 101’ TV in centerfield, it’s easy to see where a lot of that $1.5 billion went. You feel like you’re in the future in this place when it comes to all the great technological features it brings. From the TVs, to the computerized parking garages, this place is the future of the American Ball Park.
C.F.- Much more technologically advanced than Shea was, but there seems to be more to be desired in the tech department. There’s lots of TVs, but it doesn’t have the same future of baseball feel that Yankee Stadium has.
Winner- Yankee Stadium

So there you have it. Although in my mind it’s much closer than the final score says, the New Yankee Stadium wins the battle of the New York ballparks by a score of 3-2. Trust me though, both are amazing in their own ways and if you’re a baseball fan you should experience them for yourself.