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13 Questions With Jason Whitlock

by Ryan Hudson

RealClearSports recently interviewed Jason Whitlock, sports columnist for both the Kansas City Star and FOXSports.com.  One of the most “provocative, thought-provoking” columnists in the country, Whitlock has won the National Journalism Award for Commentary and in 2007, was named as “one of 40 people who will change the world.” 

  1. Why are You the Most Popular Columnist?
  2. Why Did You Apologize to Dan Wetzel?   
  3. Advice for a Novice Whitlock Reader   
  4. Do You Achieve Subtlely, or Directness?   
  5. Do You Regret the Playboy Piece?   
  6. Is Print In Trouble?   
  7. What's the Future of Investigative Reporting?   
  8. Are You Elevating Sports Bloggers?   
  9. Which Sports Writers have the Most Influence?   
  10. Reading Political Columns  
  11. Best Draft Day Analysis   
  12. Kansas City in Sports Resurgence   
  13. Disappointed Tony's Baby Was Kurkjian's?   


Full Transcript of RCS-Whitlock Intervew