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Peace, Happiness and the Patriots

by Ryan Hudson

On Sunday, the Dalai Lama spoke about the path to happiness, lectured about The Four Noble Truths and official hopped on board the Patriots bandwagon, all in one afternoon.

Yes, His Holiness, speaking to more than 15,000 people at Gillette Stadium, the Patriots' home field -- owner Robert Kraft allowed the Dalai Lama rent-free use of the field -- donned a Patriots cap, much to the delight of Sully from Revere.

Waving cheerfully, the Dalai Lama mounted a stage and settled into an armchair facing a troupe of young dancers. With a flourish, he produced something cherry red - a Patriots hat, projected onto the end-zone video scoreboards - and waved it in the air. Thousands cheered as he tugged the cap onto his famously shaved head.
Insert your own Carl Spackler joke here.

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