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Hockey Players WIll Always Be Tougher Than You

by Ryan Hudson

Injuries are simply a part of professional sports. The size and strength of the participants, and the speed at which they play, makes the avoidance of these injuries nearly impossible.

The other day, Orioles' pitcher Koji Uehara was hit with a line drive and now is listed day-to-day with a bruised sternum. The Orlando Magic's Courtney Lee is out for the rest of the playoffs with a fractured sinus. Tonight, the Atlanta Hawks take on the Miami Heat, but will have to do so without Al Horford and Mike Williams, sidelined with a sprained right ankle and sprained right wrist, respectively.

That sound you hear is hockey players everywhere, mockingly laughing at those supposed "injuries."

"A puck to the face breaks Robidas' jaw ... even though his jaw is split in half by the slapshot, Meszaros misses just a single period of action ... Dandenault suffers a broken arm when he's hit hard into the boards, but he summons the strength to finish the shift ..."

So, the next time you think you're "tough" ("Yeah, I cut my thumb trying to open my beer, but I'm still out here, man!"), imagine playing hockey (or doing anything, really), with a jaw that has been split in half.

As you see: hockey players will always be tougher than you.

H/T: Sports Illustrated's Hot Clicks