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Maybe This Cuban-KMart Feud Isn't Over Yet

by Ryan Hudson

Yesterday, Mark Cuban apologized on his blog to Kenyon Martin, and Martin's family. All good, right? Maybe not.

Throughout his post, Cuban made reference to the series returning to Dallas, meaning, of course, his expects his Mavericks to win Game 5. He's the owner of the team, so that's not an outrageous thought, but seemingly guaranteeing a win in an apology is perhaps a bit much.

Now comes news that friends and family members of the Nuggets were harassed throughout Monday night's Game 4 to the point that a team representative went into the stands to offer help and make sure things were OK. And then, there was Martin going after Cuban before leaving the floor.

While walking off the court, Martin looked in Cuban's direction and said, "You better walk that way. You better walk that way you fa***t motherf****r. You gotta come to Denver bi**h."

Talking with fans last night, Cuban could be seen laughing off the verbal assault.

Well then. (Yes, there's a video; earmuff it, it's an uncensored clip.)

Interestingly enough, Cuban will not be in attendance in Denver for Game 5: he'll be in Las Vegas, accepting an honorary Emerging Media Award at the 50th anniversary of the CLIO Awards. Yes, the same Cuban that has been accused of insider trading. The decision to give him the award has been described as "mystifying."

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