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Dodgers Reclaim #1 in RCS MLB Power Ranking Averages

by Jeff Briggs

mlbranks4.pngThe RCS MLB Power Ranking Averages combine seven other sites' power rankings to make the most balanced and unbiased grade possible, and to offer the most accurate look at the state of the MLB on a weekly basis.

The Dodgers are back as the #1 team in the RCS MLB Power Ranking Averages after one week away from the top spot. Two teams fell out of the top-ten this week - the Cardinals dropped from 4th to 11th, and the Royals fell from 6th to 13th. Joining the top-ten this week are the Yankees, up from 15th to 7th, and the Phillies, up from 12th to 8th.

The Yankees were the hottest team of the week, rising 8 spots in the rankings; another team making moves was the Pirates, jumping up from 28th to 22nd. The Cardinals and the Royals dropped the most in the rankings of any teams this week, falling 7 spots each.

What If Sports continues to be the set of rankings least in line with the other rankees, putting the Rockies at 15th (ten spots higher than any other site), the Giants at 28th (8 spots lower), and the Phillies at 17th (8 spots lower), among other differences. The Phillies have the largest range of rankings of any team, ranked as high as 3rd (by Yahoo!) and as low as 17th (by What If).

The AL East is the highest ranked division this week, with teams ranked 2nd, 5th, 7th, 12th, and 24th. Despite having the #1 ranked Dodgers, the NL West is the worst division, with its other four teams ranked 20th, 25th, 26th, and 27th.