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Ron Artest's Childhood Was Different Than Yours

by Ryan Hudson

Last night, in the Lakers' 111-98 win over the Rockets, things got a bit chippy. Derek Fisher thought he was playing linebacker, Luis Scola was seemingly ready to fight the whole L.A. roster, and Kobe Bryant got into it with Ron Artest.

Ah yes...Ron Artest.

It's no secret that he's a combative, at times violent person. So last night, after he caught an elbow from Bryant, it wasn't terribly surprising to see Artest run over and get in the face of Kobe (to his credit, Artest quickly backed off). Confrontation on the court is really nothing new for Artest. In fact, compared to his childhood in the Queensbridge projects, it's rather tame.

"They broke a piece of leg from a table, and then threw it, and it went right through his heart and he died. Right on the court. So like, I'm accustomed to playing basketball really rough ... I'm used to fighting on the court."

I'd have to think that would result in at least a one-game suspension from David Stern.

UPDATE: Yes, it's a real story.

Ron Artest Once Saw A Guy Get Stabbed In The Heart - Deadspin