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The Week at RCS: A Retrospective Journey

by Ryan Hudson

I was talking to a couple friend's online today (because what else am I going to do, work?), and we got to thinking -- is May 2 the Most UNEXPECTED Best Sports Day of the Year?

A few months ago, it was just the day of the Kentucky Derby, but now, it is a day-long sports extravaganza (sportsaganza!). In theory, you could sit down on your couch at 1pm (EST), and be entertained for roughly the next 11 straight hours.

Things get started with the opening game of the Penguins-Capitals series, better known as Sidney Crosby vs. Alexander Ovechkin, at one. As soon as that's over, NBC picks-up their Derby coverage (you don't even have to change channels!), with the call to post coming roughly two hours later.

After the Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports (and after you've lost all your bets), flip-over to the Mets-Phillies or grab some dinner or take nap -- whatever you have to do to get ready for the Bulls-Celtics, Game 7, at 8pm. Since that will inevitably go at least two overtimes, by the time it finishes, you'll be able to catch the Hatton-Pacquiao fight (after you plop down $50, of course).

So if you see me at the grocery store stocking up on food and beverages, it is not because my fear of swine flu has forced me to baton down the hatches and stay inside. It’s because I need to be ready for one of the best sports days of the year.

Remember last weekend? Yeah, it was pretty awesome.

The RCS NFL Draft Report Card Averages.

ESPN.com was taken over...by unicorns and sunshines!

The Derby is just one of our Top 10 Traditional American Sporting Events.

Ya know that Happy Gilmore golf swing? Well, Padraig Harrington actually tried it.

Rick Fox might be crazy.

Prepare yourselves for a summer of Brett Favre rumors. Because he is never, ever leaving us.

The Baltimore Sun fired David Steele and Rick Maese Wednesday afternoon. They were in the press box at the Orioles game, in the 8th inning of a game they were assigned to cover. Classy.

The Bills may have actually figured out a way to keep T.O. happy.

This Bulls-Celtics series has been amazingly awesome.

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And now, for your viewing pleasure, a creek jump FAIL. Enjoy your weekends, everyone, especially Saturday.

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