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The Week at RCS: A Retrospective Journey

by Ryan Hudson

Well, yesterday wasn't exactly the day us Boston fans were hoping for.

Red Sox lost by one (in the 12th inning).

Celtics lost by eight points.

And the Bruins lost by one (in overtime), bringing their season to an end.

Wicked awesome it was not. Look it, I know -- we won't get your sympathy (as fellow editor Jeff Briggs asked me last night, "Are you busy crying into your Red Sox World Series towel, while wearing your Tom Brady Super Bowl jersey and reading the Celtics' 2008 NBA Finals program? You must have really wanted those Bruins Champ Crocs, too"). And nor am I asking for sympathy; just saying that one win last night would've been nice.

Top 10 Playoff Fights.

The NHL really messed up their Game Sevens last night.

The University of Texas is giving up on Vince Young as a pro. Maybe it's time the Titans did the same.

The Toronto Blue Jays are the #1 team in the RCS MLB Power Ranking Averages.

Big Baby ran over a kid, and then apologized.

Mark Cuban and Kenyon Martin exchanged some words, but it's totally all good. Or not.

And Blogs With Balls! Buy your tickets!

Enjoy your weekends, everyone. And drink a Black-Eyed Susan. No video this week (besides, it would have just been another Keyboard Cat); I just couldn't think of anything too outstanding. Just kinda, moderately funny. My Life is Average.